Making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion faster, easier, and actionable

“How do we recruit people of color?”, “Why can’t we get better diversity representation at our leadership level? “or “What does an engaged and inclusive workforce look like?” My team has fielded questions like this for the past ten years.

But come last summer, with the backdrop of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, and Zoom-sweatpant-video-calls, we were fielding even more calls around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and we hit a wall.

Our clients had new questions. This time, their questions weren’t about DEI compliance and quotas; their questions were about gathering employee perspectives on how leadership was handling DEI.

We found out that other DEI assessments on the market would typically take 4–6 months (too long), cost over $25,000 (too expensive) or focus on regulations and policies (too much like an audit). But we couldn’t find a short online, turnkey assessment that would let leadership know how their employees rated the organization’s DEI efforts and what they should do next.

So we created our own.

We took our decade of data analysis and expertise to create the DEI360 assessment that quickly allows organizational leadership to see how they’re doing from the employee’s perspective.

We call it DEI360 because 360 represents a holistic view of a person or an organization. Think of a restaurant and the many groups needed to make a restaurant successful. There is the kitchen staff, the waitstaff, the customer, the health inspector, the owner, the accountant, the suppliers and many more. Each one of these groups has their own perspective on how the restaurant is running; combined, they give a 360° view of operations. The restaurant owner can’t rely on just one group’s perspective; the kitchen staff may think the food is delicious, but the customer may disagree. The restaurant owner needs to hear from all the groups to ensure the restaurant is successful. The same can be said for DEI. We don’t want just one perspective on how the organization is doing; we want many perspectives. Our DEI360 assessment was designed to incorporate DEI feedback from employees, teams, boards and all the different groups that create a successful organization.

In addition to offering a holistic 360 perspective, the DEI360 is fast (average 4-week process), easy to access, cost effective, and customizable. This means that your organization can get DEI data faster, have needed conversations about DEI sooner, and take action now. It also means that employees feel that their voice matters.

Research shows these things are important for the bottom line, productivity, and a more-engaged workforce. Do you think that’s important? If so, learn more here. We’d love to help you.

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